This Valentine’s Day Celebrate the People You Love The Most!

Who said that Valentine’s Day has to be only with your romantic other? A day of love, this day can be celebrated with anyone you love – from your parents to your siblings, from your besties to even your children! At the Maeva Store, we invite you to think beyond the obvious and if this year, you really want to celebrate the person (or persons) you love, we are here to help!

This year, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your parents or siblings, we suggest that you plan out some really beautiful décor, for which the Maeva Store is there to help and some fun activities too! Choose to celebrate in the living room, at the dining table, in the kitchen or even the bathroom; yes, even the bathroom!


Floral greeting cards


Flowers are the best way to go when it is a day of love and with us, you can bank on us to get you set with some of the most gorgeous floral décor pieces. Start with large bouquets that you can place on the floor around your home – whether you choose to place them in the corner of your living room or in the bedroom, you can be sure that they will add glamour as well as that element of love. We suggest the Eternal summer bouquet if you are looking for something big to place on the floor.


Dried flower bouquet


Another great idea would be to choose floral pieces that you can keep on tables or cabinets – Maeva Store has plenty of options to choose from and in a range of colours too. The Ornate bouquet can work perfectly if you are looking to create a pastel palette, while the Jewel Toned Bouquet is the best choice for monochromatic rooms. In case you want to have something a little different, then why not look at the Blue Paradise table décor, with its blue peonies and dashes of pink, white and green. Now that the living room is set, spend some quality time with your loved ones. Why not take out some old albums and choose pictures that you can set up in the pretty floral frames that you can buy at the Maeva Store or simply enjoy a board game.


Scented candles


A great way to spend quality time with people you love is cooking together – plan to bake a delicious chocolate cake with your siblings or your father. Light up some delicious smelling candles or the adorable cupcake candles that look great and smell great too. Alternately, treat your loved ones to a meal where they don’t have to do any work at all! Set up the dining table so that it looks like it is straight out of some interior design magazine and all you will need for that is some décor pieces from the Maeva Store. Floral wreaths that you can place around pillar candles, floral décor pieces such as the Paris Fleur, Wonderland Table décor or the Spring Miracle Table will all work great for the dining table. If you have chosen not to go with the pillar candles, you can look at jar candles or tea lights, which you can use to dot the dining table and create an ambience of warmth and beauty.


Gifts for valentine


When you are planning to spend this day of love with your mother or sister, who works day in and out, why not let her enjoy some time to herself, while you cook up a meal for her or take care of the laundry. Prepare a bath for her, filled with fragrant essential oils, a range of which are available at the Maeva Store. Sprinkle some rose petals in the bath and remember to light up some spa candles around the bathtub so that she can soak in some peace and quiet. In case you don’t have the luxury of the bathtub, light the candles or use an aromatherapy set with some mood elevators.


Scented candles


Now, let’s say, you can’t create that special day for them, you can still look for gifts that will make them feel happy and celebrated. Create a collage of your absolute favourite photos with this special person and frame them inside the Pink Bombshell or the Parisian Beauty photo frames. The Sweet Love Wreath, the Circle of Love Wreath or the Summer Fantasy Oval wreaths are all great options to gift for someone you truly love and care about. And when you want to go all out to tell them about how much you love them, simply spell it out! Use the stunning floral alphabets in blue to spell out whatever it is you want – from a simple ILY to the more elaborate I Love You; the choice is a all yours!

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