Same Living Room – 2 Ways To Set It Up: Let’s Do It The Maeva Way

Whether you own your home or are living in a rented house, the fact remains that this is a space that is yours. The home is your sanctuary, a place where you feel safe and can let go of not only your inhibitions, but also your stress and tensions. The space, because it's all your own, needs to feel personal and while you might not be able to do much in terms of physically changing it, you can definitely personalize it. And when you have The Maeva Store by your side you can do so much with your existing space!

Each room has a role in the home and it is important that each room have its own character, something that The Maeva Store can definitely help you out with. There are so many beautiful décor items on offer here that no matter what your sensibilities, you will be able to find something that suits your taste. As a matter of fact, it is possible to style the same space in multiple ways, simply by picking up some pieces from the store.

Allow us to give you an example – your living room, one of the most used spaces in a home, is the first impression that you create for the outside world. When you have guests at home, this is the space which is visible to everyone else and needs to tell a story about you. With things you can pick and choose at The Maeva Store, you can create completely different living rooms!

The light, pastel shade living room:

Flowers: Perhaps the easiest way to transform a space, you will be able to find floral options galore at The Maeva Store. When you are trying to create that very elegant, light coloured living space, you will want to look for floral décor pieces that match that sentiment. You will want to pick out whites, shades of silver and mauve and even baby pink. The Jewel Toned Bouquet and the Ornate Bouquet will work really for the living space and you can keep them anywhere you want. If you are looking for something that will sit pretty on your coffee table, why not consider the Spring Miracle Table Décor or the Winter Grace Table Décor.


Jewel toned bouquet


Table decor


Candles: Candles are a great way to give character to space, even when they are not lit and of course, when you light them up, they have the power to transform the room magically! When you are looking at creating that light coloured living room, you will love the range of white and silver shaded candles on offer at The Maeva Store. You can also look at candles that have a lighter shade of pink or come in silver containers. We suggest the Silver Scented Candles, The Mother’s Day Pillar Candles or even the ever elegant Bridget Tea Cup.

Tea cup candles

Wall décor: And why leave the walls bare, because there are so many things on The Maeva Store that can help create that perfect living room for you. Whether you choose the Winter Berry Wreath or the White Ornament Christmas Wreath, the White Royalty Floral Frame or the Sweet Love Wreath, you can be sure that the moment you place them on your living room wall, the place will come alive!


The bright, vibrant living room:

Flowers: Flowers have the power to brighten up a space with such ease and vibrantly coloured flowers are a great way to make a room look alive! If you are someone who has a love affair with bright colours and love having a sense of vibrancy in your life and living spaces, you will most certainly fall in love with our dried flower bouquets such as the Bloomingdale, the Meadow Fresh LED, and the Colour Burst LED. You can brighten up your coffee table with handcrafted floral table décor pieces such as the Blue Paradise, the Winter Berry, the Wonderland or even the Berry Crush Pot.

Table decor

Red table decor

Candles: Whether you fancy a deep dark red or an almost psychedelic pink, you will be able to find a range of candles at The Maeva Store. These candles, when lit, can not only give you a warm glowing light, but also create moods ranging from romance to festive! We absolutely love the Nalini Metallic, Nalini 3 Wick Mercury, Nalini Purple Pillar and the red Nalini floater candles. What is great about picking up some floater candles is that you can create a new look each time – new bowl, new flowers, new look!

Red scented candles

Floral frame

Wall décor: Leaving your walls empty could bring down the mood that you are trying to create in the room, which is why you need to pick out something for them too. Why not frame some of your best memories in the gorgeous Pink Bombshell photo frame or hang the pretty Soulful Heart! While the Stunning Summer Wreath will keep the spring alive in your room, the Festive Swag will keep the Christmas spirit going all year long!

So, which living room will you be recreating? 

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