Plan The Perfect Mother’s Day

From the minute she found out that you were in her womb, she set every other priority aside and made you the centre of her universe. She went through extreme discomfort and immense pain to bring you into the world. Sleepless nights and rigorous days were spent raising you – from nursing you through your fever to sitting with you to complete your school projects. Whether she celebrated her own birthday or not, she made sure that every birthday of yours was always special and now, it is time for you to celebrate this special woman!

This Mother’s Day, make your mother feel special, because she is special and deserves a day that celebrates her! In case you are wondering how to plan the perfect day for her, we at The Maeva Store can help you out – not only with ideas, but also your shopping for the day. And with us, you can plan an entire day for the special woman in your life!


Table decor


Start early in the morning – wake up before your mother normally does and make her a cup of tea or coffee and place it on a pretty tray. Make sure that you have a bouquet of flowers ready on the tray as well – we suggest something pretty and petite – such as the Blue Paradise Table Décor or the Pink elegance Bouquet. These will not only look pretty, but since they are made using high quality dried flowers, they will last her a long time. So once she is done with her cup of tea, she can keep the flowers on her bedside. If she is not someone who likes to have tea in bed, you can plan a more elaborate breakfast for her.


Dried flower decor


While you are cooking your mother’s favourite breakfast dishes, do remember to set up the dining table so that it looks regal enough for this queen! We are totally in love with the Dayspring Table Décor, which is sure to bring a ray of sunshine to the room, on the gloomiest of days! You could also choose from the Paris Fleur Table Décor or the Wonderland Table Décor, because these too also have really bright colours and sure to brighten her day.


Essential oils


Since this is her day, make sure that she does not have to worry about doing the dishes or preparing the meals. Allow her to have a leisurely bath or give her a spa day at home – if you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, fill it up with water and sprinkle flowers as well as a few drops of pure essential oils. You can choose from a range of oils at our stores – fragrances like lavender and jasmine are sure to transport your mom to another world altogether. Alternately, you could consider choosing something from our Mother’s Day special candles – with fragrances of green apple and pear, your mother is sure to be in a great mood!


pink bombshell photo frame


Moving onto gifts – rather than buying her something mundane, why not put in a little effort and create something that is unique and truly special? At The Maeva Store, we have the most gorgeous floral photo frames and these work as the perfect canvas for all kinds of photos. Do you have that one memorable photo with your mom that you will always treasure or would you rather create a collage of some of the best moments – whatever you want, you can display in these photo frames. The Parisian Beauty Floral Frame is our top choice! If you want to do something a little simpler, why not look at the Regal Roses Floral Arrangement – spelling the word Love, which says everything you feel for your mother. And in case you want to go a little over the top, we suggest that you look at the Floral Alphabets, which come in a lovely shade of blue. Whether you want to spell your mom’s name or just her initials, you can do that with these flowers.


Reed diffusers


After an elaborate lunch, set up her room with something you choose from our range of diffusers or aromatherapy sets. The soothing fragrances will allow her to relax and enjoy an afternoon siesta, while you get things ready for a grand dinner in honour of the queen! Choose from a range of our mood elevators – might we suggest Inward Journey, Walk by the Beach or Quiet Rendezvous, all of which are created to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.


Monogram candles


And finally, when the evening sets, fill the entire house with lit candles – whether you choose the Mother’s Day special candles or shot glass ones, make sure there are plenty. A great idea is to use our Monogram Candles to spell out your mother’s name or simply Mom and make sure that you have plenty of candles on the dining table as well. Our brand new Theodora Table Décor is perfect for a formal dinner table setting and works really well with lit candles surrounding it.


Greeting card


Just before your mother thinks the day is over, give her a beautiful Floral Envelope with a handwritten note inside that tells your mother how special she is and how much you love her!

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