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Scented candles


You don’t have to step into a bakery, just walk by it and you will have the wonderful fragrance of vanilla and cinnamon and chocolate wafting to you. You walk by a perfumery and your nostrils will be treated to the fragrances of lavender and jasmine and vetiver. Studies have shown that pleasant fragrances can play an important role in changing your mood, reducing stress levels and create an atmosphere of relaxation.

At The Maeva Store, we consider ourselves some thing of an expert, when it comes to fragrances and we offer it to you, in a range of products – from candles to diffusers, from fragrance oils to potpourri there is so much that we offer. In the times we are living in, forced to stay locked up inside our homes, trying to meet official deadlines without actually going to office, and learning how to maintain an iota of normalcy, we all need a few minutes every day to just relax and forget about what is happening in the outside world. With Maeva’s range of fragrance décor items, you can have not only something beautiful to decorate your home, but also be able to enjoy a fragrance that will transport you to another world.


essential oil Diffuser


Diffusers – An attractive little bottle that is filled with an aromatic liquid – our range of diffusers will not only sit pretty on any table in your room or even the bathroom shelf, but also offer an enticing fragrance to any living space. Our diffusers contain the fragrances of water lily and jasmine, wild blueberry and vanilla as well as sweet pear and citrus – each of these combinations have been created keeping certain fragrance profiles in mind. So, while the floral notes will help relax you after a long day at work, the citrus notes are meant to perk you up if you are feeling down.


Ceramic burners


Aromatherapy sets – Whether you choose our Bunny set or our Owl set, the one thing you can be sure of is that with any one of these aromatherapy sets, you can enjoy a few moments of peace and tranquillity. These beautiful décor pieces serve a dual purpose – they provide a whimsical décor item and can also help you relax and de-stress as and when you want. All you need to do is light a tea candle underneath and pour a few drops of an essential oil or mood elevator of your choice and drift away with the fragrance to another world!


Essential Oils


Essential oils – Now that you have your aromatherapy set, you need to have proper essential oils to pour into it. At The Maeva Store, we offer only pure and unadulterated essential oils – whether you want oils with a floral note or something with a citrusy punch, we have a huge variety on offer. Each essential oil has a different purpose and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Mood elevators – In case you are not able to finalise on a particular essential oil, when you are not sure which fragrance will work best for you, you can always look to our range of mood elevators. The perfect combination of handpicked fragrances, these do just what they say on the label – they could either create the ambience of the perfect morning or make it feel like you are walking on the beach. There is plenty to choose from, and plenty of fragrant moods to create with our extensive range.

 Scented candles


Candles – And then of course there is the huge range of scented candles that we have on offer at our online store. From the small and petite looking to the large and statuesque, we have literally hundreds of candles you can choose from and each will give you a different fragrance experience. Our Nalini range of candles brings to your home and interiors, the intoxicating fragrance of lotuses and there is a Christmas collection that can keep the festive spirit alive, all through the year. Browse through our collections and choose the ones that capture your attention!

Incense sticks

Incense sticks – Although incense sticks have been around for the longest time, the fragrance and the usage was almost always with a religious or spiritual connotation. We bring to you the modern interpretation of the incense sticks – we have the entire gamut, right from the traditional sandalwood to the whimsical wild raspberry! Each pack of incense sticks has a sense of purpose, something that is displayed on the pack itself – pick and choose and buy all of them – the choice is yours!


Potpourri – One of our latest offerings, our range of potpourri has been designed for those who want a hassle free yet pretty way of making a room fragrant. Handcrafted with carefully chosen dried flowers, leaves and fragrances, the potpourri is packed into pretty glass jars, which can be placed in any part of your home, including on your work station.

At The Maeva Store, our attempts continue to be making spaces beautiful – and even though there is a pandemic, you deserve a little tender loving care and a chance to unwind with fragrances that could make you forget it all, even though it might be just for a while! So, go ahead, indulge a little; shop a little

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