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Dried flower arrangements


There is something about flowers – the moment you see some, you have a smile on your face; when someone gives you an entire bouquet for your birthday or a single flower that you pick from a friend’s garden, a flower has the power to change your mood almost instantly. The state of things in our world today are nothing less than truly depressing and you need to cheer yourself up, in whatever small way possible. We suggest flowers – and because we understand getting fresh flowers on a regular basis might be pretty close to impossible right now, we have a range of absolutely stunning floral décor items, which can not only brighten any space instantly, but also give you that little bit of cheer.


Dried flower decor


For the living room – Whether you have a formal living room that you hardly use or a cosy space where you gather, at any point of the day, the living room is one place that can always be cheered up with some florals. At The Maeva Store, there is plenty to choose from in terms of florals – you can look at a range of bouquets, both small and big that can brighten up any corner of your living room. You can choose something that works with the colour scheme of your room or you can pick something that is an absolute contrast. Alternately, if you want something that sits front and centre, why not look at a table décor piece that you can place on your coffee table. We give a double thumbs up to the Paris Fleur Table Décor for your coffee table!

 THEODORA table decor

For the dining room – The dining table is always the place the family can gather, at the end of a long day. Whether you are sitting down for a cup of tea or playing a game of Uno, this is one place where you can leave your worries behind. And to make your normal regular dining table look slightly extraordinary, you can look through our extensive range of dining table décor choices – whether you want something elaborate like the Cloris Table Décor or something a lot more sophisticated like the Theodora Table décor, you make the choice, because either way, it will make your table look impressive. And you don’t have to stop with the dining table, because you can choose from several wall décor pieces too – whether you want to look at Floral Alphabets or gorgeous wreaths, the choice is absolutely yours. We suggest you bring in a little Christmas cheer and keep it in your home, all year long with our Festive Foliage Wreath.

Floral alphabets

For the bedroom – This is your space, sacred and one that belongs completely to you – this is where you can be yourself completely and unwind the way you want. This is where you can keep your most intimate memories alive in the form of photos that can adorn the wall inside a stunning floral photo frame. The bedroom is where you want an atmosphere that borders on serene – which is why not only the colours that you choose for this room, but also the fragrances that you choose for this room matter. With all the madness going on in the world today, you will want to have a small floral décor piece on your bedside stand – the Blue Paradise Table Décor or the Rustic Blooms table décor will work great. We are also crushing really hard on the eye-catching botanical candles – the Sunshine and the Jade botanical candles are not only great to look at, they will also emanate a coconut and lime or frosted ginger-bread fragrance!

mini Floral bouquet

For your work from home station – Most of us are working from home these days and have managed to create a quiet corner in the house, which now functions as the office. However, for most of us, this work from home ‘office’ station is a bland space that irritates more than it inspires. Once again, with a little floral cheer from The Maeva Store, you can bring your workstation to life – you can look at any of the small bouquets or even one of the botanical candles, which bring both the scent and the florals to your workspace. We even suggest you take a look at the floral stationary – from the floral pens to the a card that can be tacked onto the pinboard.

We invite you to browse through our entire floral collection and pick something that is sure to brighten up your day, and give you that much needed cheer in these desolate times.

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