Why The Celebration Of Raksha Bandhan Is All The More Important This Year
Ever since the start of 2020, things have been on a downhill path – most of us have been locked inside our homes, work is from home, school is from home, there is no going out and there is hardly anyone else coming in either! Life has been hard and it has been slightly boring too, but some people have stood by us through all of this and then some more. For some people, it might be their parents, for some, it might be their friends, but there are so many of us who consider our sibling our first and last line of defence in life. 
Whether you have a brother or sister, chances are that growing up you were always at each other’s throats; there must have been days when you felt that your parents were choosing your sibling over you and there must have been times when you just wanted to get away from your ‘perfect’ sibling! But how many times has your older brother ferried you to and from home, just to make sure that you get home safe? How many times has your sister styled you, so that you look good each time you step out? How many of you have younger brothers who have fought against bigger bullies, in an attempt to protect you or younger sisters who have lied to parents to ensure that you never got caught missing your curfew? 
Some purists will say that Raksha Bandhan is a celebration between a brother and sister, but we beg to differ – your sibling is your best friend, your partner in crime, your guide and philosopher, and everything in between! This is a day when you celebrate them, irrespective of their gender! And what if you don’t have a sibling – celebrate your best friends who have been nothing less than your siblings or even your parents, uncles, or aunts who have played the role of sibling whenever the need arose! 
However, in the times that we are going through, every relation that you have in life is important and you need to cherish and celebrate every person who has supported and loved you, including your siblings. That is why, this year, Raksha Bandhan is so much more important and at The Maeva Store, we are ready to help you celebrate the festival of sibling love in style!
One look at our collection of gorgeous handcrafted Rakhis and you will want to buy them all! 
Handcrafted rakhi
  • The Gulbahar collection Our Gulbahaar collection is an ode to love and trust. Composed of two flowers in the centre, the Gulbahaar is a beautiful symbol of true love, purity, and innocence. Our colourful Rakhis stand out to depict the affection, respect, and trust shared between a brother and sister. Each Rakhi in this collection has been hand-created to remind you of a flower garden. Discover a charming collection of Rakhi handcrafted with silk thread, dried flowers, pearls and tassels in festive hues to celebrate your special bond.

rosaria Rakhi
  • The Floral Collection – Another collection of Rakhis that is sure to stun your ‘siblings’ because they are all gorgeous. We are pretty sure that nobody will want to throw the Rakhis away and they work well as bookmarks and danglers on bags or even tackboards. Each of these Rakhis is made on a floral concept – so if you pick the Tiffany rose, you will be reminded of the English summer with baby pink and lilac flowers, while the Persian rose has a more earthy and rich color palette of white and deep gold. The Dandelion has the colors of summer and Rosaria of a French rose garden, each handcrafted to perfection. And then there are the Calendula and Marigold rakhis, which are sure to touch a chord closer to Indian festivities and native colors. 

Kid rakhi
Floral envelopes for gifting
What is great about our collection is the you have a choice to pick up couple Rakhis (Yes! we have co-ordinating lumbas for sister-in-laws too) too. Our new collection Gulbahaar also offers rakhi for the tiny humans in our life. Pick your favourite and will ensure that each one is carefully packaged and delivered to the doorstep of your loved one, looking pristine! So no matter who the superstar sibling is in your life, pick a rakhi and tell them how much you love them! And in case you want, you can also look through our extensive range of florals, home décor, stationary, fragrances, and candles and pick a little something extra as well! 
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