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It’s one of our favourite times of the year again – Christmas is almost here and we at The Maeva Store are ready to bring some festive cheer into your homes and living spaces. It feels like just yesterday that we were launching our collection of baubles and Christmas special wreaths and table décor option and before we knew it, this year’s Christmas is almost upon us, and since you know us well, you would know that we have more goodies to show off this year too!


Christmas Table decor


If you are someone who likes to linger on The Maeva Store website or have already visited our gorgeous new retail store, you would know that our latest Christmas collection is here and all ready for you to start shopping! Aptly labelled Christmas Soiree and Christmas Galore, these are hand crafted collections that are designed to add a certain sparkle to your interiors. And when we say interiors, we mean anywhere inside – your home, your office, your store and more!


Christmas tree candles


When you are having a celebration that is homely and simple and exudes that sense of warmth, you will most certainly love everything we have to offer in our Christmas Galore collection. The entire collection is for those who like colour and vibrancy in their interior décor choices – there is plenty of red and green with just the right amount of gold. The Christmas tree shaped candles come in both red and green and look like they have been airbrushed with gold, making them a wonderful choice for Christmas dinners. You could also look at the vibrant red pillar candles or jar candles that are perfect for the dinner table.


Mini Christmas tree


What would Christmas be with a tree! At The Maeva Store, you can find adorable trees in all colours and sizes – there are plain green ones that look like they still have specks of snow on them; then there is the understated green Christmas tree that is perfect to fill up those nooks and corners of the living room or even to deck up the mantle. And if you look truly bright and cheery, then you will most certainly like the Star Struck tree, which sits in a pretty red container and comes complete with a star on the top!


Front door wreaths online


And then there are festive ready wreaths and table décor pieces – there are wreaths in all colour combinations, sizes and even shapes! Bring a Christmas scene alive with our Sweet Holiday Wreath, which is complete with snow specked pine trees and a red scarf wearing snowman! All perhaps you would like the all red Red Rose Lit wreath, which has an adorable little Santa sitting inside. For those who like a little alternate in their décor theme, the Gold Pinecone Wreath will be a sure winner, with its shades of blue and aquamarine. Once you place the Christmas Spice Table Décor or the Winter Berry table décor on your dinner table, it will look ready to host guests!


Candle holder


And then there is our Christmas Soiree collection that has been created for those of you, who like a little more elegance and perhaps a little more monochrome in their décor. If we were to describe this collection, we would say it was composed for shades of white, gold, green and a sprinkling of silver. There is a pure white Christmas tree candle that has a little silver dust on it, and there are those elegant golden taper candles, that are perfect for the dinner table. This collection has several options in the Beige and Gold Floral section – choose a flower pot that you can place on the floor, the table décor version or perhaps a wreath that you can hang on the wall or even place on the table. The pristine white reindeer candle holder is just what you need to add a touch of whimsy to your monochromatic décor theme. Each of these will not only add to the festive cheer of your home, they will also make for wonderful end of the year gifts too.


Tree Baubles


Dried Pine cone Ornament

And also allow us to re-introduce you to our existing collection of Christmas ornaments too – from the glossy to the matte finish, from the patterned to the glittering, from the quintessential reindeer to the frosty white pinecone, there is so much to choose from here. You can use these baubles to not just deck up your tree, you can also use them as regular décor pieces. Find a cute wicker or cane basket, arrange these baubles inside and within seconds you will have a festive ready décor piece that you can keep anywhere, including in your bathroom! Our floral baubles make for really wonderful gifts too and you can leave them tacked to your workboard or hang it in your room to keep the festive spirit alive, all year long!

So now that you know so much about our brand new Christmas collection, what are you waiting for? Walk into our store and check everything out for yourself or simply order online and we will ensure that these gorgeous hand made pieces arrive at your doorstep, wrapped with a lot of care and even more love!



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