Smudge Bundles

Smudge Bundles

If you are someone who likes to wander around on our website, we are quite sure that you must have seen a fair few new products and although we are not sure if you can tell, but we are really excited about them!
Allow us to introduce you too our brand new smudge bundles!
For those who are not aware, smudge bundles might be brand new on our website, but they have been actually around for a long long time! As a matter of fact, texts show that the indigenous people of America and Canada have been following this practice for centuries and there were actually dedicated ceremonies associated with the same.

Sage Bundles


Did we poke your interest? Well read on to learn more about this ancient product and its brand new avatar:
Smudging is also known as burning, smoking ceremony or saining and is often done using herbs that are considered sacred. The most commonly used herb is sage, because it is known to have medicinal properties. Similarly, red cedar would also be used, because it was considered to have purification and healing values. In olden times, elders from these indigenous communities would conduct regular smudging sessions around the home to rid it of negative energies and around people who were ill, as they considered this a part of the healing process. As a matter of fact, there were certain days and even the times of the day that would be prescribed for the collection of the herbs required for the smudging. It was believed that herbs were more potent at some times of the year, as compared to others, which is why the collection times would have to be specific.
There are versions of smudging in India too – if you venture to Southern India, you will see the women of the house burning sambrani and spreading the smoke all around the house. This is known to not only emanate a lovely smell, but also keep mosquitoes and flies away. Similarly, when a pooja or havan is done inside the house, sandalwood sticks are used to give away a fragrance and it is also believed to quell negative energies. The dhoop battis and incense sticks that you use at home are also a variation of smudging.

Orange smudge bundle


Here are just some of the benefits that you could reap should you choose to indulge in a little smudging too:
  • When you choose a smudge bundle that has herbs like cinnamon or orange blossom, they are known to have medicinal properties and when the smoke from it spreads within an enclosed space, it can help with a general purification process.
  • Smudge bundles will most certainly spread a wonderful fragrance and given that at The Maeva Store you can find several lovely fragrance options, you can choose as per your mood.
  • Have you ever noticed that when there is a wonderful fragrance around you, you can feel your stress and exhaustion just melting away? That is yet another thing our smudge bundles can do for you – when you are feeling really tired or emotionally drained, enjoy the fragrance that flows from the bundles that we offer.
  • Certain fragrances like lavender and white tuberose are known to improve the quality of sleep, which means that if you use the bundles a little before you are able to hit the bed, you might just get the best sleep ever!
  • And then there are the more vibrant fragrances like orange blossom that can give you that pep in the step that you might want on an important day. Take a few minutes in the morning to do a smudge session and you might feel a little extra energy.
 How does one use these smudge bundles, you ask; well, here’s how:
Given that these are a comparatively newer offering, there might be those who would have no idea on how these smudge bundles are to be used. Well, its super simple – light up one end of the bundle and enjoy the fragrant smoke that wafts from it. Now you can choose to walk around the room or house with the bundle in your hand to spread the fragrance or you could place it in a hollow container or plate and leave it. When you are done, remember to stub it out and store it in a closed container and once the bundle is completely done, you can reuse the cute glass container.
  • Do make sure that you keep the burning smudge bundle away from any fabrics and never leave it unattended.
  • When you are done, do remember to stub it out in some sand or against a fireproof surface. Check that all the embers are out, before leaving it to cool and store only once its cooled down completely.
  • The smoke can be quite potent, which is why it is best that you have some source of ventilation in the room – an open window is perhaps the best option.

Lavender Smudge Bundle

What fragrances are we offering:
Currently, you can choose from smudge bundles that have the fragrances of lavender, white tuberose, rose, cinnamon and orange blossom.
So what are you waiting for! Come to our online store or better still, walk into our brand new retail store and check out the smudge bundles and choose one for your home or as a gift for a loved one!
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