Make This Month About The Woman In Your Life

Whether she is your mother, your wife, your beloved, your sister, your daughter or any other woman in your life, chances are that if there is a woman in your life in any capacity, she is much loved, but probably not appreciated enough. How many times has our mother cooked our favorite meal, but we have never taken the time or the effort to tell her how delicious it was? How many times has your sister protected you against getting into trouble with the parents, but how many times have we thanked her for it? How many times has your wife woken up earlier than you, so that she can see you off to the airport and how many times have you hugged her to let her know how special she is.

Yes, we have a few days in the year when we celebrate the women in our lives – it could be birthdays or anniversaries or given that its March, on Women’s Day, but the fact is that women need more than just a handful of days to be celebrated. And although Women’s Day has become a global celebration, it is still just one day!

At The Maeva Store, we like to think of every day as a day to celebrate women, because they are worth it! When you come to our stores – we leave the choice of looking through our online store or walk into our retail store – you will find a huge collection of the most gorgeous looking décor pieces that are sure to capture your mind and the mind of whoever you are gifting it to.

Now that March is here and Women’s Day is right around the corner, we are of the opinion that it is time to celebrate the important women in your life. But we don’t want that just one day, we want an entire month (if we could have it our way, we would make the entire year about women!) to celebrate all the women in our lives do for us, every single day.


Dried botanical sticks


Let’s start with our mothers – yes, they gave birth to us, yes, they raised us to become the people we are today, but those are just the bigger things. There are so many little things that she does for every day, that we often fail to notice and acknowledge – this year, shop at The Maeva Store and get your mother a little something that she will love and will give you the chance to show her how much you appreciate her. Why not get her a set of brand new multi-colored botanical stems that she can use to decorate any corner of the house she wants to! These work really well when placed inside a long vase or can even be combined with real flowers to create an interesting look. Or maybe she will really like one of our pretty rangoli mats or floral torans, which she can use for every special occasion. Pick something that you know she will like and be able to use.


floral photo frame


You would have shared some of the most amazing times and created some of the finest memories with your sister, and this year, you can show how much she truly means to you. Create a photo collage from some of the best photos you have, place it inside a stunning floral frame and gift it to her, so that she too can cherish the fantastic times she has had with you. A floral pot that she can keep on her work station will not only brighten up her space, but also work that she can use to decorate her space a reminder of your love for her. You could also give her a floral alphabet with her initials that she can hang in her space and enjoy looking at!


scented candles


What about the woman you consider the love of your life – how do you tell her how much she means to you? Well, you give her pretty things that she can use to deck up her space – you could pick anything from candles to floral pieces. Is she someone who likes to entertain people at home; then you could look at pretty floral napkin rings or a decadent floral centre piece for the dining table that she would be able to use while entertaining. Gift her pieces that she can place around the bedroom and create that ambience of serenity that she deserves, after every long day at work. Monogram candles that she can light up by the bathtub or scented candles that she can use while doing her yoga; you should be able to find it all at The Maeva Store.

No matter who the woman in your life is and what role she plays, if there is a reason to celebrate her, you should be able to find something to show her just how much she means to you! So come to our website or visit our retail store and pick something for every special woman in your life and perhaps a little something for yourself too!

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