Here’s How You Can Add That Feminine Touch To Your Interiors With The Maeva Store

When you look at a space, there are those who will see just that, a space; they might see it as functional or as a space that could be used for a particular purpose and nothing more. But there are those who see any space as something with potential – a space that can be decorated and turned into something special.

When you look at a space, there are many ways to reimagine it - you can design it to be simple, modern, almost bordering on being stark and call it contemporary. Or you could make the space look like it came out of an interior design magazine. It actually all lies in your hands and what is playing around in your mind.

Now, let’s say you want a truly gentle, delicate look to your interiors, there are a few things that you will want. You will want to keep the colours gentle – so light colours and pastels will work and even if you are not able to do anything for the walls (especially if you are in a rental space, where you might not be at liberty to change the wall colours), you can always find other ways to add the colours you want. Why not play around with the colours and fabrics of the curtains or maybe you could throw a blanket or knitted fabric on top of your couch to bring that splash of colour.


Dried flower table decor

Flowers are a great way to add a sense of charm as well and they are definitely a wonderful way to add class and that special feminine touch to any interiors (or even exteriors for that matter). And while there is always the option of fresh flowers, the truth is that fresh flowers will eventually die and then all you can do with them is show them the way to the garbage bin. So, it would be wiser to choose from the wide range of floral décor pieces that you can find at The Maeva Store – hand crafted using dried flowers, dried botanicals and other pretty embellishments such as beads and bows.

Hanging floral decor

And if you are thinking about what kind of choices you will find at The Maeva Store, let us tell you – plenty! From adding that touch of traditional with floral torans and wall hangings to the splash of modern with wreaths; there are large pieces that are perfect to fill that corner blank floor space and ones that are small enough to fit on the coffee table.

Scented zodiac candle

Botanical Pillar Candle

Another absolutely easy and wonderful way to add glamour and that much loved feminine touch to a space is by placing candles. Whether you light them up or not is a different matter altogether, but just by placing them around your space can add colour and elegance. At The Maeva Store, you will be able to choose from a huge array of candles, and that too in all shapes, sizes, colours and even fragrances. Place multiple pillar candles of varying size and you have a décor piece that is beautiful and functional. A pretty jar candle can enhance the look of your bedside table and a botanical candle will be all that is needed to make your dresser look glamorous! And just imagine how glamorous and romantic your bathroom could look, when you deck it up with many lit up shot glass candles!

Home Decor Collection

Staying on the subject of fragrances – of late, this too has become an easy method to add glamour and charm to any space. And given that you can now find fragrances in many shapes and forms, it has become quite easy to use too. At The Maeva Store, you will be able to find diffusers, incense sticks, essential oils, mood elevators and the brand new smudge bundles. Each of these will offer your room not just a fragrance, but also a statement look – our diffusers are pretty to look at and the aromatherapy sets that we offer can offer quirk and whimsy at the same time!

So you see, adding that feminine touch to your room is actually quite easy – all you need to do is spend some time on The Maeva Store website or in our retail store and you will be able to find all the ideas you need!




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