How To Set The Perfect Dinner Table – With A Little Help From The Maeva Store

Dried flower arrangement

 Dinner – its more than just a meal; for many, a dinner is a chance to reignite the passion, there are those who see dinner as a chance to catch up with the family after a full day and for many, a dinner is an opportunity to show off not only their cooking skills, but also their skills of setting up a grand table. If you are planning an elaborate meal and want to make sure that your dinner table looks exquisite, then you need to take a little time to visit The Maeva Store – if you are in Bangalore, then you can visit our recently opened store or from any other part of the world, feel free to browse through our online shopping portal.

We know that there are those who would ask us why they should visit The Maeva Store for when they are planning a dinner party, especially since we do not deal in any edibles.

Well, to those people, we would say, that a dinner is more than just a meal being served – its about how you serve it and the ambience that you create! And when you want to create that absolutely amazing ambience, you will want to come to The Maeva Store, because we have something of an expertise when it comes to décor.

As long as you have a decent sized dining table, we assure you that you will be able to find absolutely amazing looking objects that will transform your dining experience. Start with a pretty table cloth – if you don’t have a traditional tablecloth, you can always look at really interesting looking single bedsheets, but if it’s a light colour, you might want to invest in a transparent sheet that can protect your fabric from the harsh stains that could be part and parcel of the dinner.


 Dried floral table decor


Once the table cloth is set up, you can move onto the next aspect of decking up your dinner table and we would suggest that you browse through our extensive table décor pieces. There are so many choices here at The Maeva Store – whether you want something that is bold in colour or something that is pastel in its element, we are sure that you will find something here. From statement pieces that are larger in size to petite ones that are perfect for a smaller table, no matter what you are in the mood for, we probably have it. Place the floral décor piece in the centre of the table and you are ready to move onto the next décor statement. In case you are in the mood to add some festive cheer to your table, there are Christmas baubles available at The Maeva Store, which you can use to dot the table.


Scented candles

Pillar candles


Candles are a wonderful addition to any dinner table setting and at The Maeva Store, you will find enough options to make you feel spoilt! Our candles are made using high quality wax, which offers you a longer burn time, without any excess smoke. And then there is the fact that you can find them in a range of colours, shapes, sizes, containers and even colours. If you are looking to create a simple and elegant look, we suggest that you look at the taper candles, which you can place on candle holders or pillar candles which can be placed directly on the table. Alternately, you can look at candles that come inside jars or glass containers – our favourites are the shot glass candles, because you can use a few or many to create the ambience you want!


Dried flower wreath


Alternately, you could choose from the large collection of floral wreaths that we offer at The Maeva Store and simply place a large pillar candle inside. We also like the idea of placing a glass bowl in the centre of the table, instead of a floral décor piece, fill it with water and maybe some fresh flowers and then floating candles!


Napkin rings


Now while we might not be able to supply you with the China and cutlery you need for your dinner, you can most certainly choose napkin rings that are showstoppers in their own right. These are made using handpicked dried flowers and are sure to add a special charm to your table setting. If you really want to amp up the style, you can write the names of the guests and place them in the floral envelopes that you can find at The Maeva Store.

While these are just a few of our ideas, you can find more when you browse through our online store or visit us at our store, when you can see real life table settings and be inspired by them! Let our ideas be the guiding force for brand new ideas of your own, and then when your table is ready, just sit back and enjoy all the praise that is showered on you!

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