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There are those days when you are in too much a hurry to do anything; the day seems to simply fly by and before you know it, the day is done and you are in the process of getting prepped up for the next day. However, there are days, when you do find a little time or days that you need to push the pause button and take the time to live life. When those days come by, you want to take the time to do something a little special, create an ambience that is reflective of how you feel inside and when it comes to creating an ambience, there is no one better than The Maeva Store.

Let’s take a look at just some of the mood settings that you can create using the range of The Maeva Store scented candle collections:



Cosy and comfortable – There are times when you just want to lounge on your living room couch, while a much-loved movie runs on the TV screen, or perhaps you are in the mood to curl up with a book and a cup of steaming coffee or maybe the mood is to simply sit down and enjoy an extended tea session with your family, while a board game is being setup. In times such as these, you want the mood to be one that is cosy and comfortable; the fragrance you might want to pick would be something that is gentle and blends into the background, but nothing overpowering. The cupcake candles would be a good option, because not only do they look absolutely adorable, they also have this very gentle vanilla fragrance to them. You could also browse through our Home and Garden collection, where you are sure to find some interesting gems!



A time to reflect – Some times, you just want to relax and unwind – the days many of us spend is one where we are constantly on the move and by the end of it, we just want to leave the worries of the world behind and enjoy some time with our own selves. While going to a spa every other day might not be possible, but why worry when you can create a spa like ambience at home. The Maeva Store has a range of spa candles that are meant to create that spa like atmosphere at home, and that too within minutes. The spicy lemongrass fragrance is sure to awaken your senses while helping the body relax so that you can be recharged and ready for the next day!



Love is in the air – Just because you are busy in your day-to-day life, does not mean that you need to put the romance off for the weekends. Romance needs to be kept alive every single day and sometimes, all you need to do is create a special evening and what better way to do that than candles. At The Maeva Store, we have an entire range of candles that are dedicated to rekindling the romance and we have named the range Cupid and Psyche. A heady fragrance of roses and the deep woods is sure to entice your romantic partner and given that the candles in this range look absolutely beautiful too, these are a wonderful addition to your space. Now, whether you choose to use these candles in the bedroom or the bathroom or anywhere else in the house, that we leave up to you!




Luxury incarnated – When you are entertaining guests at home, you might go all out on the food and the crockery, but you also need to create an ambience that looks regal and exudes a sense of luxury. Yet again, we can assure you that it will be The Maeva Store candles that will come to you rescue. While you could look through our range of scented candles, especially the Zodiac range, each of which offers you a little something different, you might not want any overpowering fragrances at the dinner table. Here, to create that look of extravagance, you should look at the pillar candles in red and gold or our taper candles, which will look absolutely stunning in a candle holder. Another interesting idea to create that look of elegance would be to use a wicker basket and place multiple pillar candles or even shot glass candles and light them up!




Festive cheer – The special occasions and festivals might be coming only a few times in the year, but that is why you need to make that special effort to make these few days in the year all the more vibrant. When you come to The Maeva Store, you will be able to find a huge range of candles and even traditionally diyas that are perfect for the festive occasions. Whether its Christmas or Diwali, there are plenty of options on offer. For Diwali there are candles that are laced with the scents of lotus and for Christmas, there are options that will remind you of all those holiday spices, like cinnamon and orange.

While we offer you a most extensive range of candles, how you choose to use them and how creative you want to get with them, is something that we leave to you! And in case you are looking for some more interesting ideas, do feel free to drop into our Bangalore store and talk to our team!

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