How To Make Gifting A Lot More Stylish With A Little Help From The Maeva Store



Come a special occasion and you are out looking for gifts and most of the times, we are pretty confident that you will find the perfect gift at The Maeva Store. But every once in a while, there could be a chance that you want something else. Your mom loves creating new recipes so you want to gift her a cookbook or your brother is really into gizmos and you want to surprise him with the latest smartphone and so on. Once you have picked out the gift, what would you normally do – pick a nice gift-wrapping paper and then wrap it and maybe add a nice note on top.

But when you have The Maeva Store by your side, even the gift-wrapping experience can be elevated – with our range of gorgeous looking accessories and pieces, which you can use to jazz up the decoration aspect of the gift.



Let’s start with our tags – who says that you need to write your birthday or anniversary wish on a normal piece of paper or one of those typical sticker tags when you can choose one of our absolutely stunning floral tags to write your lovely wishes on. These tags are actually really good bookmarks as well and you can even pin them to your noticeboard to add a touch of elegance.


If your gift is on the slightly larger side, you can consider one of our floral gift embellishments, which are made using handpicked dried flowers, leaves and beads. While these are sure to add charm and elegance to your gift, we can assure you that the person receiving the gift will not want to throw the embellishment away either!

And in case you feel that you might not be able to find the right words to convey your love and affection, why not simply pick a greeting card from our exclusive collection. Designed, once again, using dried florals, these cards are more than just a way to pass on a wish; it is a gift in itself!



Now, let’s say you want to go a little more elaborate – let’s say you are gifting something like a hamper that has plenty of goodies in it (hopefully a few items from The Maeva Store as well), why just cover it with some net or fabric? Why not attach some floral strings all along the hamper basket – this way, the basket will look prettier and they strings can be removed and hung up at home to add a permanently festive look.

Or how about picking up one of our large floral wreaths, which could very well work as a mould for the dry fruits or chocolates you are purchasing or maybe they could use the wreaths to place the large pillar candles within or simply hang it up somewhere! If by any chance you are planning to gift crockery or cutlery or even hand embroidered table napkins, why not add a few our brand-new napkin rings?


What if your gift is a photo that is a wonderful memory for the person who is receiving the gift? Or is it a collage with all the memories that you and your bestie have accumulated over the years? Why gift them only a rolled-up print, when you could set the photo inside a stunning floral photo frame that you can find at The Maeva Store? While we are pretty sure that the photo will be pretty, it will become prettier, when set inside one of our handcrafted photo frames!

When they say gifting is an art, they are not completely wrong – its about choosing a gift that the person receiving will like and cherish and its also about wrapping it in such a manner that shows your love and effort that has been put into it! So, the next time, you are getting ready to gift something, make sure that you take some ideas from us at The Maeva Store.

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