Welcome The Teenage Years In Style With A Room That Is Styled The Maeva Way!

When they handed that tiny human, all wrapped up in a blanket, little did you know that you were going to start a love affair that would last a lifetime. From the minute you laid eyes on that angel, you know that the whole universe would now be centered around this person. And before you know it, that tiny person is now a teenager, who needs her own space, her own room.

If you too have a teenager in your home, who wants a space that she can call her own, then you need to redecorate the space in such a manner that it feels unique, yet comfortable. We suggest that you and your teenager visit The Maeva Store website and spend some time browsing through our collections, because we are sure that you will find options aplenty to deck the room up.

For starters, you might want to choose a colour theme first, because that will allow you to pick décor pieces based on the same. If there is already a colour on the walls, you might want to work in tandem or contrast or you could get the room painted in a colour that your teenager fancies and then pick décor accordingly. Once the colour theme is set, you can get shopping and if you are doing so at The Maeva Store, you have little to worry about because you will most definitely find plenty of great options to deck up the room.


Let’s start with the most commonly neglected part of the room – the walls. Most people feel that once you have painted the walls a nice colour, that is more than enough, but little do they realise that this is a wonderful canvas to showcase some interesting wall décor. How about a pretty floral photo frame that can be home to one of your teenager’s most favorite photo? Or you could turn it into a tack board – simply fix the frame on top of a cork board and she can use it to display messages, photos, timetables or anything else she fancies.



Another great way to bring a wall to life is by using floral alphabets – let her choose whether she wants the white and blue combination or the white and pink one and get her the alphabet of her name. Alternately, she could choose words like Love to hang on her wall, because these will not only add a sense of vibrancy to the room, but also bring a seemingly basic wall to life.



Now if there is a window in the room, you will most certainly put some curtains or blinds to provide privacy; but why stop at that, because you can jazz up the windows with floral hanging pots or floral strings. Should you choose floral strings, you should have plenty of options in terms of colours and designs. Matching torans can be picked to decorate the room during the festive season too!


Once the walls are done, we can move onto the tables and cabinet tops – while candles might be a slight concern, especially for the younger teens, you could most certainly look at floral décor pieces – the smaller, petite options are great for the study table or to be kept on the bedside stand. We suggest the Glass Tube Floral Décor. To create that dream like whimsical ambience in the room, the Peachy Dream Botanical Pot or the Lilac Beauty Botanical Pot would be a wonderful choice. The great thing about all these pieces is that they can be placed anywhere – on the study table, the dresser, the vanity or even on the floor.


As we suggested, candles might not be a good idea for younger teens, but that does not mean that there cannot be methods to add a constant fragrance to the room. Presenting our range of potpourri which is the safest and prettiest way to spread an incredible scent throughout the room. Another good option would be diffusers, because yet again, there is no fire involved and when you check out

the range of potpourri or diffusers, you will find plenty of choices. No matter which one you pick, you can be sure that it will make the room smell great and look pretty!

The ideas of how to decorate the room for your teenager should come from you and from your teenager – as a growing individual, she deserves a say in how her room should look too. And in case you are in or around Bangalore, you could always walk into our store and get some ideas or talk to our team to get your mind working!

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