14th of February, a day marked in the calendar especially to celebrate love and emotion. When people are in love, they make all kinds of small/big gestures on a daily basis to show their love. But,Valentine’s Day is all about going out of the way, to tell your loved one that “The good things in life are better with you!”

As we get closer to the valentine day, the real tension starts to build up which is putting together a perfect gift that’s screams “You’re My Boo!” right? We are here to gear you up for the 14th by putting forward a classic and wistful gift guide.



First up is the most dreamy gift combination.Pair up this super chic Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses with Maeva’s 15 oz. ‘LOVE’ jar scented candle. The misty rose fragrance weaves the sweet and woody notes of the flower to create the dreamiest of floral scents. Delicately hand-poured in an enticing polka dot love jar which burns to create a fanciful ambiance.

15 oz. ‘LOVE’ jar scented candle:  Rs. 1,099


Next is a shimmer Coach small pouch (because bling is totally a girl thing) with Maeva’s Pink 15 Oz Jar Scented Candle. This blush-pink candle has an out of the ordinary aroma, bound to bring a flirtatious smile on the face you adore uttermost.

Pink 15 Oz Jar Scented Candle: Rs. 999


Another assorted gift option for all the enthusiastic lovers! The misty rose candle has a rich aroma that smells like love. The fragrance is fresh and crisp. The well-balanced scented candle is perfect for those who love. Curate an ambrosial gift set with Maeva’s 3 Wick Scented Candle and a fruity Salvatore Ferragamo perfume because the fragrance is what they remember.

3 Wick Scented Candle: Rs. 1,099

 Don’t hesitate  picking out a Valentine’s Day gift this year. A truly thoughtful present is a great way to show your special one just how special they are.

Note: All our candles are hand-crafted and proudly made in India. To view the entire valentine special range,visit  https://themaevastore.com/collections/cupid-psyche



























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